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THIS SITE IS NOW AN ARCHIVE.  (best viewed on desktop)

We'd like to extend a huge thankyou to everyone who has been part of !GWAK, we're very proud of everything we've made together. You can still enjoy all of our content but we won't be making anything new. 

Please enjoy the range of projects and resources showcased on our site! 

Our Blog houses many articles made by and for the community which can still provide lots of value and insight. We've also hosted a podcast, multiple magazines and encouraged lots of different creative work. 


!GWAK was an international art collective focused on collaboration and making the art world more accessible.


We hosted events and exhibitions, made resources, and supported residents in collaborative projects online. Founded in June 2017 by Dominik d'Entrecasteaux, the collective grew from just an idea to a large community supporting one another through diverse creative pursuits in 2021. 

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There's lots of content shared on our Instagram page including Livestream music and poetry performances to catch up on!

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